ECC Registered RAM on Asus M3A78-VM, possible?

I am thinking of buying Asus M3A78-VM with AMD Phenom 9850 cpu.
Right now I have four sticks of Micron 2GB PC2-4200R ECC Registered sitting there, and I was wondering if this RAM will work with M3A78-VM?
According to Asus web site, Asus M3A78-VM will supported ECC unbuffered RAM, but the RAM I have are registered (which means buffered??).

Any info will be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. It should work okay, I have heard of people running Registered memory in standard MSI and ASUS boards with no problem....however you will take a slight performance hit over similar standard RAM. (like 4%)
    Just try it and see is about all I can say.
  2. Thanks for the info Jitpublisher..
    was thinking to build a budget system with whatever the resource I have on hands right now.
    I have never have any experience with ECC RAM and heard that AMD Phenom has built-in memory controller can support ECC.
    I tried to put this into my Intel P45 mobo and it does not boot, that's why I hope anyone with experience could help me out a bit.

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