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Hey all
I just bought a nvidia 9600GT SLI and im not sure about it's performance.
I saw that in the charts here http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/charts/gaming-graphics-charts-q3-2008/3DMark06-v1-1-0-3DMark-Score,794.html it get's 12321. How exactly can i test it? I got installed the 3DMark 06 and i ran the whole test and it got me to 4362. I got a p4 at 3.0 ghz and 2 gb of ram.
Im suspecting the gcard to malfunction because sometimes when its on full load i hear some weired noise from it, its too though.
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  1. sorry for the weired symbols dont know how they appeared, seems i cant edit my post

    i ment in the last phrase that the noise is not too loud tough
  2. the results are like this:
    SM2.0 Score:1910
    HDR/SM3.0 Score:2626
    CPU Score: 756
  3. The sound might be electrical and is caused by the cards components (it`s a squealing/shrieking sound under load).
    The 3d Mark 06 score is very dependant on CPU and it is this which is giving you the low score; your P4 is holding it back.
    Test the new cards by playing games! Most have built-in benchmarks, use those to check how well you`re doing.
  4. I tried crysis with all settings to enthusiast, i had like 5 fps, and with settings on gamer i had 15-20, i guess my cpu is holding me back a lot.
  5. Well, first off your system is severely cpu bottle necked. You need something much faster to run it. The noise may be from the psu or gpu. List your entire system parts if you want more help.
  6. Intel Pentium 4E, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
    motherboard: MSI MS-7046 (Medion OEM)
    video card: 9600gt
    ram: 2x512MB, 1x1GB DDR1 400mhz
    that's bassicaly it
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