Pink screen crash!

So recently I had "pink" screen crashings everytime I first run a 3D game when I first turn on my computer. Here is how it happened. So every night I turned off my computer and go to sleep. I woke up the next day and turned on my computer. Everything boot up fine and I logged in to my desktop. Then I open up a 3D game which is Left 4 Dead. After I got in the game for like 3 - 5 mins I got a pink screen crash. I can't alt tab out I had to hard restart the comp. Then it works fine after that not a single crash. It just happens like that everytime I turned off the c omputer for at least 2 - 3 hours then the crash happen after I turn on the comp and open up a 3D game. I tried this with other 3D game too like World of Warcraft and same thing happened. I tried with both window XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit) and the problem still happen. I dont overclock my compter everything runs at stock speed.

My comp spec:

Intel Quad core Q9450 @ 2.66ghz
4G Corsair Dominator
EVGA GTX 280 (stock)
Powersupply Enermax Galaxy DXX series 850W
Asus P5K/EPU motherboard

I have no heating issue at all. My cpu cooler is Noctua Ibought it for $70. I have 5 x 120mm fans and 1x 200mm fan. I have RealTemp, CPU-Z, GPU-z running and the temps are fine. If anyone has this same problem or have any suggestions I really appreciated.

Here is a picture of how the pink screen crash look like
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  1. wow that is weird?

    maybe something in the background is running -? maybe its something loading and your not waiting long enough untiil you start the game.

    sounds like a delay in drivers - wait longer to game

    check the news then game!
  2. I tried to install a fresh operating system, then the game and it still happened . I dont have anything running in the back ground.
  3. Also, if I dont open up a 3D game, it won't crash at all until I do it. I tested it.
  4. Ssame problem, gtx280 also, I cleaned the dust and it helped when I was playing STALKER, but it happened again after few days and I'll try to remove the card and clean and see tomorrow. It probably has to do something with gtx280 and it's reliability after long time of playing at 70 degrees of core temperature? Quite annoying, got it for 1 and half a year only : / .
  5. I'm getting the same problem, also a gtx280. I think it's a manufacturing fault, I'm aware of an overheating problem with the 200 series but this is news to me. Mine is less than a year old, the lifetime warranty will be coming in handy.

    P.s. If anyone is reading this and is considering the gtx280, or in fact any nvidia card at all... DONT. This card has had overheating and crashing problems since the day I bought it, there are threads all over the internet about faults, crashes, even cases of this graphics card overheating and ruining other components in the computer. It has never run properly and I would have expected more from a card a quarter of it's cost. It is absolute garbage.

    My advice, buy ATI.
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