OK 1st Time build help needed G45 - P45 - P43 ???

OK Im building my 1st .... and well the Proc will be E8400 Duo or E8500 (15 Euro diference) Im leaning to the E8400 but I could get a Q6660 for the same price as the E8500 - but as far as I have seen -

My profile is occasional games (Morrowind Oblivion and some PC RTS )
Quite a bit of paintshop pro / photoshop
starting Poser 8 / Blender 3d Max

watching movies with a beamer

I don't do a lot of multi-tasking so Im leaning to the E8400 .....

ANyway I have been looking at mobo's and it appears that P45 / G45 is for me - Im kind of leaning towards P45 as Im sure Im going to have to add a graphics card anyway

I have now found this : JMicron JMB368 vs Ultra DMA/133

on these

MSI G45M-FD (96 Euro) - Graphic chip
G45M-FIDR (97,80 )
GByte GA-EP43-DS3L ( 83 but only P43) - this has more USB
GA-EP45-DS3L - basic but good peformance ...
Asrock P45XE ( 89 Euro ) - 6 USB and lots of slots
P45XE-R (97)
ECS P45T-A (81 Euro ) loads of USB
Asus P5Q SE2 (94)
P5Q SE PLUS (99)
Biostar TP45 HP

anyway someone told me that my low graphics need would save me lots as G45 is good enough if you are not an extreme gamer ... but I am not sure so its back to the drawing board

buy a really top G45 and forget the Gcard or go with P45 I mean the Asrock looks a good price according to the review on this site - but I didn't undestand the stuff about the floppy ( I need one I have XP64 bit and normal XP and WIn2000 as a tripple boot )


but the GA-EP45
and ECS P45T-A


The P45's seem a lot pricier than say P43 and Im wondering whether its worth it for me ??? I want to try to be 100 Euro or below ( I live in Germany so its Euro's and I've just been laid-off so Im on a budget ) the objective of the G45 is to save money ???

so there you have it

its a G45 to save a card
P43 to save on a P45 ( get a great P43 instead of a low-end P45 )

[Also what is the diference between JMicron JMB368 and Ultra DMA/133 Controller for IDE ????]

Im a real 1st timer so please forgive me :-)
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  1. 1. About the G45 - The onboard graphics chipset on the G45 is not powerful enuf even for gaming at 1280X1024 resolution for the current games...So not advisable to go with the G45...
    2. If u want an onboard decent graphics chipset, then u can get the AMD 790GX...but this is again out of option because they are present only on the AMD motherboards...
    3. The P45 is the best of the lot...But taking into consideration your budget, a good P45 motherboard will be costly...
    4. If u want to save money, then u can consider the AMD build...
    CPU - New AMd Phenom II X3 720 (wlll cost u less than the E8400) and will perform nearly the same or better...
    Mobo- A 790GX motherboard can play at low resolutions very well...
    Rest the same components u choose...
  2. I can't comment on prices and availability in Germany. I would never choose a G45 for myself; it would NOT save a card, not for gaming. The HD3300 GPU on the 790G can actually play some games though, so you could initially omit a GPU with that one. I think you'll want better, but keeping in mind your current situation it isn't a bad place to start.
    Again, given your situation, start out either with a 790G or, if you go Intel, get a P43 and put a 4650 on it. I'm sure you will eventually want better, but to start, they should work.
    Choose a quality PSU from Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, Enermax, Seasonic, or Silverstone (I listed more than the usual suspects as I do not know what is available in Germany). An Earthwatts 380 would be sufficient; you could even run a 4830 on it later. THG put a 4850 on one, but I'm a little more conservative.
  3. thanks guys Im getting closer to it - Im still leaning towards intel as once I get this going its going to be a long time before I upgrade - other than card swaping so 4650 sounds good but I won't re-build the whole machine so my plan is to buy a CPU/Mobo combination that will last me and then as get more cash - go for card swaps - Im kind of 4mbs ram as apposed to 2mbs as it appears to be cheaper to buy it at the start ... so getting closer

    So buy the basics and then swap out the easy stuff ...
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