Not recognized by BIOS: WD Scorpio Black 320gb

Hi guys.

First, a short recap on the chain of events.

Did a windows vista update and rebooted as prompted. Loading windows takes extremely long time.. 8-10 minutes. Thought this was due to the OS update and did not even think about a hardware error. Did another reboot.. loading windows was just as slow or even slower. Third reboot and HD not recognized by BIOS = dead HDD. Not recognized on other laptops either. No clicking sound or whatever. It just spins up and the BIOS error msg appears, then spins down.

I suspect that there might be an error on my PCB, but my untrained eyes cannot detect any burnt components... I've also read that this could be a SA error..

It is also worth mentioning that my apartment is real pain when it comes to static electricity. The discharge often happened as I sat down with my computer.. and I strongly believe that this could be the underlying reason for the breakdown. My laptop has already killed two other hard drives. I thought that there would be some sort of electrostatic shielding, and shouldn't there be? At the same time I find it strange that this occured after a windows update..

Do you guys have any idea of what is wrong? I have tried to look up identical PCBs without any luck yet..

I've linked pictures of the PCB for you to inspect, both front and back

Model info: WD3200BEKT-00F3T0
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  1. ....still nobody that have any clues?
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