Using MY BOOK essential as an extra HD

How can I use it as a regular HD. My WD passorts work great for this. All this thing wants to be used for is it's own backup system for my main HD.
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  1. Come on guys, somebody has to know how to do this! A bunch of you are reading this..... There has to be a simple answer to this.
  2. I am very disappointed in the response here on this forum.
    I have been able to un-password protect the drive.
    WD software is user hostile to say the least, but I have been able to find a way to add/retrieve data to the drive through an explore window.
    WD should make it a simple button to select to use the drive as the passports are used.
    Oh well. I've got it working well enough to get by for now.
    I would not advise anyone buying one who just needs more storage, this thing is meant for people who just want and easy backup solution.
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