Unlocking amd phenom ii x 2 550 black edition

Hey Guys

I have unlocked my 550 BE. I am using PC Wizard 2010. It shows me that I have 4 cores but it shows only 2 is active. My device Manager shows for cores on the CPU
and all are working properly. But in the above prog I see 4 cores but only activity on 2. Having said that I did benchmarks before and after unlocking and their is a huge difference in performance. I am currently overclocked to 3.4 GHz. Running Stable with temp of 34Degress Celsius. Do you know of a way I can test the cores to make sure they're all working?
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  1. Get Prime95 it will run a stress test on each core and show you if there are any problems (an error while testing will stop the test on that core so you will be able to see which core is shutting down if any. ( Download LINK @ MajorGeeks.com )
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