Am i really getting this high?

Ok so this is my first post to the community as I always read reliable info from this site so I figured it was time to join. I just finished building a new semi budget gaming rig and I am getting incredible overclocks from my cpu using amd overdrive. In fact it seems so easy to overclock this particular chip that I am trying to see if these clocks are for real. My specs are as follows:

amd phenom 965 125w tdp be 3.4ghz processor
gigabyte mobo( not sure exact type) lol
4gb g skill ddr2 1066 ram
xfx radeon 4890 video card
500gb hard drive
i am also using the corsair h50 cpu cooler(awesome cooler btw)

neways I am fairly new to overclocking and this was my first build. I got the black edition so what the hell i figured i would oc the f%$@ out of this thing. I use overdrive to oc. i know people say that bios is the way to go but from what i see amd has produced a software that is pretty darn accurate as i always keep CPU Z open right next to overdrive to confirm results of clockspeed. So here is the thing. I can open AMD overdrive and simply set my multiplier to 20 which gives me an overclock of 4ghz. I mean completely stable 4 hours prime 95 and the whole hour of amd stability test all cores 100% and never even reach over 50 celcius. Temps are awesome thanks to this cheap nifty little corsair hydro cooler. My main question is I hear people having trouble even getting to 3.8 with these chips on stock voltage and I dont even have to touch my voltages to get a 4 ghz clock. Do i just have a really good chip or what?? I thought ddr2 1066 would prevent me from even going this high. I dont know exactly how much memory effects overclocking but i know that you need to keep up with the front side bus. So do I just have a good one from the batch?? Should I up my voltage anyway?? Has anyone else seen these results? I would love to hear some responses from people whom have had this amount of OC excellency from these chips. Thanks huys!
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  1. the 965 does take some voltage to get it to 4 stable like 99 percent of the time. what is the voltage on cpuz when you are at 4.0. and to keep that oc for ever you are goin to want to plug it into the bios so you dont have to set it up everytime.
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