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Using a Q6600. Have had this chip up to 3.6Ghz on air (Xigmatek Dark Knight lapped with CPU) using 9 x 400Mhz with 5-5-5-15 2.1v Corsair RAM (4 x 1Gb chip). Vcore set to 1.4875 and NB is auto, VTT is auto

Crashes under load.

Think my issue is VDROOP. Using an ASUS P5KC (not many option in the BIOS for voltage etc)

What is the best Q6600 overclock MOBO, wanting to minimize VDROOP

(would i need a new PSU..using the Antec 500w that comes in the Sonata III case)

Best regards

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  1. Did you try enableing load line calibration it helped my vdroop on my ASUS motherboard alot.
  2. Where is that option on the P5KC...and how do i set it?


  3. Hmmm....been reading this article. Very good explanation of LLC...and Vdroop. Making me rethink. Maybe I should just settle at 3,2Ghz for the sake of my chip. And accept the Vdroop ?

    Thoughts and comments welcome
  4. Yes i have read that article too and it does explain it well. I have an ASUS P5Q board and on mine the load line calibration setting is on the bottom of the AT screen with mine enabled it helped me reach a higher clock speed and be more stable on less volts.
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