I7 920 OC on a Foxconn Flaming Blade

I've read around for a while now about over-clocking and had an attempt an hour ago. I'm not sure if it was the voltages that gummed it up or not, this is my first time ever over-clocking anything. The 2 reboots that followed only got to the OS boot before the rig made a whine and then restarted. I've reverted back to the default settings to do some more reading.

I've been referring to this thread mostly for settings as it's a rundown with an i7 950 and a Flaming Blade:


How ever since it's the 950 and not the 920 I'm not sure what settings are going to be different for the BIOS. The settings should be too different? Can anyone be kind enough to list what settings should be changed to suit the 920 at a 4GHz over-clock?

Did a CPU-Z run with no over-clock settings at idle and one with Prime95 running:

Not sure if they help at all.

My rig set up:

Flaming Blade X58
i7 920
Corsair 3x2GB kit 1600MHz
550W PSU

Thanks for your time.
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  1. All CPUS overclock different one 920 might need more voltage then another so its impossible for someone to give you exact specs to put it at. Overclocking is all trial and error you just have to start at a number you know you are stable at with the minamal amount of volts and go up slowly takes many reboots and alot of time to get it right dont be discouraged if it dont boot just reset and start again its how the game is played. Read overshockes guide its very good guide and for anything he mentions you dont know look up in wiki.

    Good Luck

    I7 overclocking guide
  2. Alright, I was just wondering if there was anyone else with the same core/mobo that could help with some settings they use.

    I'll give it another shot.

  3. Tried it again, luckily the OC Safety saved me.

    I lowered everything to listed in the Overshocks guide:

    Mem Mhz
    QPI Link Speed (QPI Multiplier)
    Uncore Multi

    Then upped the CPU BCLK to 143 from 133.

    I didn't touch the voltages.

    Saved and exited but it didn't even show the mobo info this time. The OC safety kicked in and brought me back to turn everything back to default.

    Any idea why it couldn't even boot?
  4. Ok, I've tried it again this morning. I started by leaving all the multipliers on auto and raised the CPU BCLK by 10MHz, it booted to Windows to my surprise and so I kept on increasing it in 10 MHz increments which lead me to 163MHz and a 3.2GHz OC.

    Is it wise to leave the settings on auto? Does it over calculate the voltages? This had been the only successful over-clock so would it be a good idea to keep increasing by 10 MHz until a BSOD and then just raise the Vcore voltage?
  5. Bumped it up to 3.6 GHz now, no change to voltages yet. Getting a 65C-70C temp reading for idle and full load.
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