Huge vcore problem, read please! :(

Hi, i've tried several boards already without answers, hopefully i'll get one here :( I have HUGE problem with M3A78-T and Phenom II X4 940BE, i have the latest bios, so that isn't the problem.

Basicly, there is option to turn vcore to AUTO in bios right? and to set vcore manually, and there is hardware monitor in bios to monitor your current cpu vcore, right? So here goes:

So, first off i did set the Vcore to AUTO in bios, once in windows i checked in everest (program) that my vcore was 1.49v which is HUGE for this cpu (Manufacturer normal should be 1.35v!) So i instantly re-booted and went into bios.

Okay, so i checked out the vcore in hardware monitor, which showed it was right, 1.49v.

This time i set the Vcore manually, making it 1.350v, and now it showed up as 1.39v in everest! Also, the bios hardware monitor had the same results, 1.39v.

Finally, i set the core to 1.3125v, and now it turned close to the normal voltage...1.355v in everest and bios.

I can't even set the voltage into Manufacturer recommed 1.35v, because my motherboard only supports the voltage in increments of 0.125v (closest i can do is that 1.355) .

Is something wrong with my motherboard ? seems like the voltage settings in bios turns out to be off by a huge +0,040v.

I haven't had a crash once or anything. But this is just bothering me a lot because i'm not sure about the voltages, and i'm scared if my cpu'll fry in couple of months because of wrong vcore.

Also, Hwmonitor won't recognize my vcore at all, but everything else.

Last, hope you'll get what i mean as english isn't my first language and i'm not good at explaining things (at least in english:P) And sorry for the long story, can't explain it better .
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  1. 1.355V is very close to 1.35V. I'd use that, then run your various stress testing programs. If your system is not stable, boost the voltage by one increment and stress test again.

    The M3A78 series BIOS (I have the M3A78-EM) seems to consistently set the CPU voltage too high. At least your BIOS allows setting the specific voltage - in my model, I can only set voltages *higher* than the default! Asus tech support has been contacted by a number of people, but doesn't have a solution. Next MB, I'll be looking at Gigabyte instead.
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