sapphire or msi

what has the best reputation as far as ATI cards. sapphire, msi, asus,etc?
lookin at a 4850
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  1. sapphire, msi are good brands, haven't had too much exp with ati cards. I prefer sapphire but msi and asus are also good.
  2. Sapphire has often been rated best of the bunch for particular cards over several years in a number of fora.
  3. i like MSI's. got a msi 9600GT and very happy with it :) does everything i want it to do, yes including crysis..
  4. from what most ppl suggest, its sapphire, from personal experience...either or :)

    I'd steer clear of powercolor though;) but thats just me:P
  5. I think some of the better factory cooling solutions should weigh heavily in any decision.

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