Buyers remorse...8400 v Phenom II

Hey everyone....long time reader here looking for some input. I am in the process of building a new rig and have all of the parts ordered. I am building a mid-range gaming rig with a budget of about $700 (not including monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers).

After a bunch of research I decided to go with an e8400 for the cpu because I don't really multi-task and the main use of the computer will be for gaming and some school work (papers mostly). Well, now I'm thinking I should have gone the Quad core route to get some more years out of the system. I was really close to getting the Phenom II, but considered some of the Intel quads (Q6600, 9400).

What do you guys think? Should I return the 8400 and go with a quad? Thanks for your help!

Here's what I have ordered...

Intel Core 2 Duo e8400
Gigabyte UD3R mobo
Antec EA650 psu
4GB G.skill DDR2 800
XFX Radeon 4850 512mb
Antec 300 case
LG 22x DVD-R
Western Digital Caviar Black 640gb
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  1. Yeah i think you should get a quad core. Future games are going to need quad cores.

    Its just like two or three years ago when single core vs. dual core was all the rage, and people thought dual core was just a photoshopper's thing, and look at what has happened these days.

    So given that, get a quad.
  2. It'll will take a while before most games uses the full advantage of a Quad. Instead overclock your E8400 to 4GHz.
  3. i agree with blackpanther. the quad frenzy is anticipation of what is to come but is not here yet. the other side of it is if you can return it for a full refund, the quad may carry you over much longer. if you upgrade yearly then it is a moot point since you already have an e8400 on the way. if you intend on going 2-3 years then i say send the dual core back just in case the poor console ports require a quad core to be playable a year and a half from now.
  4. Switch it out for a Q9400, without a doubt. It might cost a few more but I cant recomend the Q6600 at this point. 45nm or nothing.
  5. spath maybe you can lead the charge of "ok its time to stop recommending the q6600" movement!
  6. Lol :D You know I just noticed I have been saying that alot lately, since switching over to this X3370 I cant believe I stuck with that Q6600 for so long. I love the chip and its a good performer, but the heat and power draw were absurd.

    Got this X3370 at 3.8ghz stable at 1.26v, idles in the low 30s, hits high 30s during EQ2. That Q6600 was idling at low 40s and hitting low 50s at 3.2ghz on 1.25v, while consuming like 30W more. Its not rocket science :D
  7. glad the new CPU is working out for ya. the q6600 earned all the respect it ever got but it is time to move on.
  8. Yeah get the Q8200 or Q8300 if you need a budget CPU, the Q6600 really has no place in the market anymore.

    I believe that you should get the quad. The quad will perform just like what you have now and will do better later on. While there wont be much of a difference, if you are feeling buyers remorse than get the quad so that you can feel better about your purchase.
  9. dont doubt the power of the E8400 bro... especially if you overclock. i have yet to play a game besides crysis that lags my system at all.
  10. Thanks for all of your input! It sounds like I should go with my gut and get a quad! So that leads me to my next question...C2Q or Phenom II?! I'm not bias either way, just want the best bang for the buck and I know AMD is good in that department, but I also know that the 9400 is very close in performance to the 940. What do you all think?

    Also, I've never returned anything to Newegg. Shouldn't be a problem if I haven't opened the box, right?
  11. Are you sending back the entire system or just the CPU?

    As far as returning goes, just go to newegg and open the order and do an RMA refund request. Process goes from there.
  12. Probably just the CPU. Although if I go with the Phenom I will have to send back the motherboard which is making me think I should just stay Intel. How does the 9400 overclock?
  13. Definitely go C2Q so you wont have to send back the motherboard. If it really matters to you then either the Q9400 or 940 will be fine both are almost identical so go with whichever is cheapest.
  14. Q9400 3.6 Ghz almost gauranteed, 3.8 Ghz is common and 4.0 Ghz is usually atainable.

    Ph2 940 3.6 Ghz almost gauranteed, 3.8 can be had, but 4.0 Ghz can be difficult.
  15. Agree with raven, just send back the CPU and stick with Intel unless there is another motherboard you have your eye on.
  16. Done and done! Started the RMA process for the 8400 and ordered up a Q9400 which should show up the same day as the rest of my order. I'm feeling A LOT better about my rig now!! Thanks for all your advice!
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