PSU- last component in my new build

As the title says I'm one PSU away from firing up my new box.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

CPU- E8500 E0 step(overclock to around 4GHz)
CPU cooler- Xigmatek red scorpion s1283
Mobo- gigabyte GA-X48-ds5
Ram- OCZ Reaper pc8500 2x2gb kit
GPU- Palit HD4870 Sonic 1gb (With provision to run 2 of these in crossfire)
Case- Antec 900-2
HD's- 2x 640g WD's in raid 0, 2x 120gb seagate, 2x 1tb Samsung (or similar to be added)
Running on a 28inch viewsonic, native resolution 1920x1200

I'm an electrcal fitter by trade so not completely in the dark over this decision.
I'm also in Australia in hot conditions, so I don't want to push the GPU to hard.
Modular would be a bonus because of Case size I think, but of course not absolutely necessary.

I'm sure there is a PSU that will suit me perfectly, but I'm getting stuck with all the reviews I've been reading and can find pros and cons with everything.
Hence I hope I can get some direction to make a decision more quickly.

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  1. 1) budget

    and 2) what psus are available in Aus. A list of some Psus in ur budget would be helpful. Or a site
  2. budget would be around the $240aus mark.]
    This site gives pretty much the options that I have at this stage.Ones I have looked at are:
    Antec EarthWatts 750W ATX Power Supply
    Xigmatek NRP-MC 750W 80+ Modular PSU
    Seasonic M12-700
    Corsair TX-750 750W(but it's not modular)
    OCZ GameXStream OCZ850GXSSLI - 850W
    Several silverstones aroung the same size but newegg reviews have them failing some of the time.
  3. Out of those listed id definitely get the Seasonic 700 or the Corsair
    Much better than any others u have listed

    Other great ones are Thermaltakes above 750 and the Antec Signatures (best of the best but expensive)
  4. Well the Seasonic is $210 delivered which seems to be good value.
    Will it be pushing to hard to run my crossfire setup later though?
  5. no CF would probably do around 500 give or take some
  6. 700-800w is more than enough for that rig, you could get away with the Corsair620 (modular) quite easily
  7. Right, so I'm looking at:-
    corsair 620w @165 (modular)
    corsair 750w @210
    seasonic 700w @200 (modular)
    Is it a big difference between these at these prices?
    And, not that I've thought of any upgrades to this, but will it suffice if more ram and quad processor are added?
    A little bit of future proofing or am I concerned about nothing?

    And thanks heaps for the advice guys.
  8. I run a similar rig on a corsair HX520 (see below), the 620 should be fine. Might not be enough for XF but will cope fine with more RAM and a quad.

    My system:
    OCd Q6600 (3.2GHz)
    4x1GB RAM
  9. the seasonic is dead quiet when its cool, oversizing it will help with that, I've got an S12-600, and I've never had the fan above idle, running - 8800GTX, E6600, 3HDD, 2SSD, 2DVD, 4 120mm Fans, 6GB of RAM, so i'd say that the seasonic would be quiet, or be able to cope with your ambient temps by not being so quiet.
  10. Those 3 are basicall all the same
    The Corsair 620 is a Seasonic OEM and both are great.
    The 750 is CWT and also great.
    Any which is best bang for ur buck is best
  11. I must say that I am leaning towards the seasonic at this stage.
    Modular/700w/good price.
    The 750w Corsair, if modular, would probably win on reputation. But room within the case will be at a premium seeing the freight on an Antec 1200 pushed its' price out of my 'country located' budget.
  12. corsair have not been doing PSU's for that long, which means its probably a brought in re-badged unit, I think seasonic manufacture them, or if not they have been sticking badges on for a lot longer than corsair have :)
  13. look at Silverion77 post... Seasonic manufacture for other companies and are about the only company i know of that make their own designs every other psu making company buy designs off oems
  14. Main companies we kno of as consumer products are almost always re-badged OEMs....
    People like Sirtec, Topower, Seasonic, Channel Well Tech (CWT), Andyson, Enhance, etc. generally make more "business" and server oriented stuff

    Then companies like OCZ (Sirtec), Corsair (Seasonic + CWT), Thermaltake Toughpower (CWT), PC Power (Seasonic), Tagan (Topower) and Ultra X3 (Andyson) (just some examples) use those designs and might do some changes specific parts. Corsair puts the luxury of 105C caps vs. Seasonic (not a big change cause Seasonic is great otherwise). While say someone like Xigmatek (decent CWT OEM) uses some lesser capacitors in their CWT builds to cut some prices
  15. Very informative for me on my decision, many thanks to all contributors. Upon reading a bit more about Seasonic, Silverion77 is correct on their quality of build. Cheers mate.
    Since everyone has agreed that the 700w of the seasonic is more than capable of looking after my setup, and the great reviews it has received, and that the corsair 750 is not modular, makes it my choice.
    Amazing to me though is that a lot of reviews were circa 2006. What a monster of a PSU at this time!
    Again thanks to everyone who took time to pass their knowledge/experience on to me. I sleep well now, knowing I've made an educated decision.
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