Q6700 4Ghz on air!


Just clocked my Q6700 t0 4.0 Ghz on air! Well I say air, this is a fib really,

I have the mobo sat on an upside down cardboard box, 2gb ram 4-4-4-12 and a 600w PSU

I have a fan in the room to blow air onto the mobo. You know, like the ones in a waiting room for a dentist or something. Better than that stock piece of crap intel put on there. Just angle the fan toward the mobo and the backward forward action ensures the whole lot stays cool not just the mobo.

And when I crack Crysis out to play it runs great. Bit hot though. So i just bang a couple of ice cubes in my mouth, and connect 2 macdonalds straws together and angle them towards the CPU. Then when i exhale through my mouth, the ice cools the air...and the straws blow it directly onto the CPU... mint!

Ill keep you posted...
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  1. Wow... just wow
  2. ummm..., good job? I am truly at a loss of words here...
  3. i know right!!!
  4. Thanks jonpaul, means alot. I dont get any vdrop either. Nope! Didn't have to use any pencil trick on this gigabyte either. I just sat down with the motherboard. Had a nice chat...man to machine...and told it to cut the s*** cos its getting old already :non: and guess what...not a problem since.
  5. how!?
  6. I got my Q8400 to 4.0Ghz stable on air @ 1.43 volts
    Only problem was my north bridge wasn't stable so i backed it back down to 3.6
  7. man thats the dumbest thing I've heard today ....I love it
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