Installing Raid0 on Asus P5WD2-E Premium mobo

Hi everyone,

I'm also having some difficulties getting my Raid setup up and going.

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

I have a Asus P5WD2-E Premium motherboard with 2 gigs of OCZ pc6400 Platinum rams, Intel Pentium D 3.4ghz, two Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200.11 hard drives that i just bought 2 days ago, and two optical drives one being a dvd player and one being a dvd burner.

I have connected to two dvd drives to the regular sata connectors one as master and one as slave and they are working fine.

The computer runs perfectly off of my WD 160gb 7200 hard drive with windows xp pro installed.

Now im trying to setup the two 500gig hds to perform in raid0. So I connect the two hard driver to the first two connectors on the motherboard indicating raid1 and raid2 (raid3 and raid4 are not used by me). I have disconnected the other 160gb hard drive to prevent any interference.

Ive gone into the bios and I have set IDE configuration: configure SATA As to Raid, enabled Onboard serial ATA bootrom, and I have enabled Marvell bootrom in order to load the raid bios setup.

During the Raid setup bios I can see both hard disks being available. At the top menu I see RAID 1 and RAID 2 setups, Therefore I choose Raid1 option and I add both drives to that section and I select Raid 0 setting for their raid configuration. Then I initilize or initiate the raid configuration wich tells me by doing so I will lose all the data and I proceed by clicking enter. Finally the initilizing is done and I quit that screen and proceed to windows installtion. During windows installation I press F6 to load the drivers for the raid setup. One being the Intel ICH7 32 bit RAID Driver Disk and the other Marvell 614x WinXP Driver disk. The installation program sucessfully loads both drivers for installation. But when it comes to selecting that particular Raid0 combined drives as one for windows installation I do not see both hard drives as one I see them as two different drives and windows asks me wich drive to install windows on. Im stuck to this point, please help out. Thank you.
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  1. make sure you use the intel chipset and not the other chipset

    the marvel chipsets used on many of these systems claimed raid but it is defective.

    marvel controller claime raid and will not raid - i used these years ago? a 2006?

    ya 2.5 years ago

    massives issues with the marvel raid control - it does not raid

    get a raid card
  2. hi there,

    Thanks for you kind reply. Sorry what do you mean by use the intel chipset and not the other chipset. Please tell me more. Thanks
  3. actually the Marvel drive does work - in raid 1 at least- I have had one running for some time on a P5WDG2 WS but the set up is not that friendly and you need the MarvelMRU tool to configure the Raid. This was setting the Raid up as a second drive. What I could not do was to get the Intel drver to configure a pair of drives as a Raid that would work as a C: primary drive with the OS on it
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