CPU over temperature error

HAF 922
Coolermaster 212 heatsink
i5 750
2 x 2gb ram
xfx 5850
p7p55d le

Why do i get a CPU over temperature error? My machine is freeeeezing cold, i have like 4 fans going and i haven't overclocked. Is there a way to stop me getting this error message?
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  1. download realtemp to monitor your CPU temps, list them here...
  2. my internet is extremely slow atm
  3. can't see the pictures, please manually type the temps here...
  4. 60 60 60 60
    1.7MHz (should be around 2.6....)
  5. could it be that you have the warning set to 60 C in bios
  6. those temps are a little high for stock settings, even with stock cooler... are those temps at idle (not stressing the CPU?)
  7. ^ looks like light load (24%

    WillClarke - Run Prime95 blend test and see where temps are under load.
  8. i dont have a stock cooler i have the 212 coolermaster. I will run prime for a while later i tried to before but i was getting the overheat messages.
  9. Don't forget to check in bios where for what the warning is set to.
  10. I just built a system using a i7-930 and had over temperature errors right from the start. Doing some internet research on the subject brought me here. I tracked my problem to a stock cooler with a damaged foot. I replaced the stock cooler with a Corsair A70 cooler. I was wondering what normal or safe temperature readings should look like. I have been running the Prime95 blend test and monitoring with Real Temp for approximately 30 minutes and my core temps are 68, 64, 65, 63. Under Idle conditions temps are 46, 44, 46, 43.
  11. hmmm...
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