Q6600 vs q9400 vs q8300. Which to choose?

Basically looking for the best bang for your buck deal. So far I'm leaning towards the q8300. It's 2.5ghz and has a 1333mhz FSB where as the q6600 has 1066mhz. I was looking at the L2 cache and the q8300's is lower than the other one's, is this a big deal? Also keep in mind that I'm not gonna OC because I'm not good with computers.

Obviously the q9400 is the best one out of the 3 but it's also expensive for my budget, would the q8300 be a good choice?
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  1. Yes, go with the Q8300.
  2. I just noticed there's q9300. Would this be a better choice than the q8300?
  3. Better for gaming yes, larger L2. But I think its actually been discontinued. The Q9400 is only $230 though.
  4. Microcenter.com has it. The q9400 is expensive though, but if it really is a huge difference I can try to get it. That's what I wanna know, if the performance is really a big difference.
  5. performance between the Q9300 and Q9400 is negligible, the price is the bigger determining factor.

    I see microcenter has the Q9300 for $180, just grab that.
  6. Alright thanks spathotan, anyone else care to comment? Just want a few more opinions.
  7. q9300 is the best choice out of those cpus
  8. Again, Q9300
  9. Check Microcenter- I just bought a Q9400 there for $180.

    The Q9400 has a multiplier of 8, so I'm hoping to get 3.2 to 3.4GHz pretty easily.
  10. One difference is that the Q8200 doesn't have Intel VT support, so you won't be able to run 64-bit VMs. But for most people that's either a showstopper or not even remotely an issue, adn nothing in between.
  11. er... 8x00
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