Overclocking Fail - Maybe you have a solution

So I recently built a a new i5 computer and decided to try overclocking it a little. It is my first time so I thought I would go the easy route and try with TurboV EVO.

The BCLK frequency was set at 169 for OS default. I thought I would move it up by one to 170. This crashed my system and it would not turn on. It would power up but nothing showed on the screen. There was a red light next to the Graphic card on the motherboard so I switched the Graphic card from a Radeon 5850 to an NVidia 8500GT and held down the MEM OK button on the motherboard. It booted right up. I then felt relieved and proceeded to put in the 5850 and started the system up, it then made the most loud constant beep at me and the fans turned on full speed. I am not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?

System specs
Asus P7P55D Pro
Intel Core i5-750
2x2GB Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 1600
Radeon 5850
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  1. So I feel like such a noob. As soon as I created the thread I realized what I didn't do. Since the 8500GT doesn't have power plugs for the card I just plugged the 5850 back in without putting the power into it. Sorry for the waste of time.
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