ATI agp 8x probs help request/suggest?

Earlier this year I was asked to build a PC with reasonable specs and to watch the $$ being spent, person wanted to replace a 7 year old PC while still doing the tasks they were already involved with.

The final build ended up with AMD 64 X2 5200 cpu, MSI MS-7312 mobo, 2 giggles ram, with a ATI Radeon 9200 agp 8x vid card, (cust. had just bought it for a fair $ at the time). Windows 2000 Pro (fully updated according to MS)

The system is not stable, the user can experience crashes at stray odd moments.
The best I can track down, Video problems seems to force a crash with a resultant request to forward a report to ATI. A survey of usage says No modern games on machine, user usually has about 6-8 applications open and switches between them, the main machine seems to handle everything well except for the video crashing. I finally got the user to admit that it mostly crashes while playing freecell thats part of the win2000 install.

Now I wonder if a different video card might correct the headaches.
Any suggestions on a mature AGP 8X card that has working drivers for Windows 2000???
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  1. lol 2 giggles of RAM... im stealing that one!

    um... power supply providing enough power? have you prime95'd it?
  2. More likely the problem is the video driver .

    Download and install the latest version for the card
  3. well, I can honestly state that the original PS in the new case was defunct (antec 430) the replacement PS is a 500W'er. I calculated that should have been enough. I will get and run the prime95 on it to see what that indicates Monday when I can get back to that machine. Tanks for the suggestion there.
    A little reading on Prime95 suggests that will test most of the hardware, but maybe not stress the video??
  4. According to the ATI site, the driver package is current as of 3 weeks ago, the problems have been occuring for the last 5 months. And the ATI site (as I read it) has NOT updated the drivers for the combination in quite some time
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