Flashy looking memory..

I've been browsing through a lot of sites looking at memory and in the process I came across this video:
Oh boy, does that RAM look flashy :D ..
Can someone identify the memory that is in that rig? I also would like to know if any of the new 6gb 3 channel memory feature this as well.

I would also appreciate it if someone would give me a few suggestions on a fan-speed controller.
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  1. Well u can look into the Crucial ballistix tracer...they are the ones tat have the flashy leds which get lit up...and are very attractive....
  2. Yeah, I was about to mention that the Crucial Ballistix doesn't look like high-performance RAM as well. The flashing lights that are on the Crucial Ballistix are there just for show, while the RAM I just identified after doing some research, the XMS2, has lights that are meters to show how much of the RAM is being used. I just wished the 6GB XMS3 RAM came with LEDs :(
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