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Hello all, so last night after getting home and trying to watch kenichi off of my 32gb centon sport drive i am greeted to three strange .dir files, one hidden and a constant message saying that my jump drive is suffering from a delayed write fail. The drive worked perfectly when i took it out of my school pc and now i cant access any of my data AND for some reason it is causing explorer.exe to crash and i am unable to end or restart it through the task manager. PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. You have lost buffers; i.e. some writes to the SSD/pendrive did not complete; now you have filesystem damage.

    Try repairing the NTFS filesystem. If that doesn t work re-create the entire fielsystem and restore from backup.

    Next time, always "safe disconnect" your USB stick; never pull it out without first using the software disconnect.
  2. sweet, now............. how do i repair the filesystem?
  3. Right click the drive letter in my computer (for example E:) click properties, click the second tab, now click the Error check button (or what ever it is called). That would issue chkdsk to scan the NTFS filesystem and correct any errors encountered.
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