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I bought a Antec 900 case and a new heatsink (zerotherm nirvana 120mm) to go along with my AMD 64 FX-62. I'm using coretemp and speedfan to record my temp settings. My cpu right now is running at 53c, and i know it should be way cooler with they heatsink i installed. I went on Arctic silver 5's website and applied the same thermal paste to the specifications they have with my cpu, but the temp still want lower. I have tried to raise/lower the fan speeds, but nothing works. I'm really running out of options. I have researched the web for 2 hrs to find nothing that can help me out. Any suggestions woud be very helpful. Thanks.

My motherboard is Foxconn C51XEM2AA 2

core#1 running a 22c
core #2 running at 23c
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  1. Those temps are fine. Im assuming the 22c and 23c are idle and 53c is full load? If so its fine, 22c temps are nothing to complain about.
  2. What exactly is your question? Core 1 and 2 running at 22/23c seems good.
  3. Mondoman said:
    What exactly is your question? Core 1 and 2 running at 22/23c seems good.

    Seems too good to be true. Unless ambient is 10 to 15.
  4. maybe im missing something. This is my first CPU build, so i forgive me if....

    From researching on the web, i "thought" cpu temps and core temps are different?

    I read people having cpu temps in the 40's or even 30's? and i thought CPU temps deal with the heatsink and not core temps??

    Im trying to get this system up for running games with high stress on the system. So correct if im wrong. And god willing i am.

    My CPU temp on idle is 53c according to Speedfan. I have ran various other programs ie: CORETEMP and CPUID, with same result.
  5. legiox said:
    I'm really running out of options.

    Have you stuck it in the freezer yet?
  6. Your CPU package has 2 "cores" inside. Each core has a temp sensor. Overall "CPU" temps may come from averaging these or from a third temp sensor somewhere. Definitely not from the heat sink!
    However, the "core" temps are most useful as that temp info comes from the parts of the CPU that you are actually worried about. Depending on the CPU, different temp programs may or may not be properly calibrated. Please post the varous core temp readings you get along with which program gives which readings.
    For example, I would trust Coretemp more than speedfan.
  7. here is my coretemp

  8. Those temps are stone cold. Its room temp....your fine.
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