Recently my homebuilt starts hard

Approximate 1 year old homebuilt has been working great, but within last month has refused to start normally.
Press power switch all fans , drives spin but doesn't want to post (bios fails to start) Pressing reset switch sometimes starts the PC, sometimes takes two resets. Have also started by shutting down with power switch and then pressing power again before everything winds down. Once up and running works great, no reboots shuts down normally.

Is the "Power Good" signal late from the PSU or is the MB not reading it ? It seems that one of the two parts is starting to fail, but which one?

Antec Neopower 430
AMD X2 5000 Black Edition
Biostar TForce TA780G M2+
Kingston 4eea 1Gb ST3320620AS
2 Seagate 320G SATA2
Plextor CD & Pioneer DVD
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  1. your power supply might be having some issues. Get it tested to see if it outputs correct voltages across all lines.
  2. Hell, I had mine tested, and they said it was fine, yet it actually wasnt, it WAS the problem, so after I dropped 200 bills in it, and it still didnt work, I bought a PSU and it worked. just try the PSU cheapest easiest fix you can start with.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll be looking for a 500W PSU.
  4. Update: Changed PSU and same problem continues. The only to start it now is hit the switch once, everything rotating, shut down and hit start switch again after about 2 seconds. I believe this isn't too good for the drives so will have to find an answer soon. I think my next choice is to replace the motherboard.

    Any other ideas?
  5. so ur having booting probs, like the guys said its usually do to psu's but if not have u been overclocking, if not then can u post the exact specs for ur pc and make sure all cables expecially the 24 pin on the mobo are firmly secured
  6. disconnect everything and reconnect one part at a time while trying to boot. That should identify what's the culprit (start with 1stick of ram only).

    If anything, maybe it's a loose wire and reconnecting everything while checking individual components would fix that.
  7. Another update: Installed Error/diagnostic Test Card, Reads 00 when start switch is pushed. No error codes are displayed when it finally starts ( after several times shutting off power and engaging power again) the error code remains at 00 throughout the whole process. Assuming the new PSU is not the cause it would seem there is some problem in the motherboard, like something needs to warm up or to be re-energized before starting. If you shut it down for 1 to 3 minutes it will start up again with nio problem .

    I thank you for your prior suggestions and hope you might have some insight to this weird problem.
  8. This is an interesting problem. Something you also might want to check is the cpu's heatsink fan. Is it properly inserted on the board.
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