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I want to buy an external storage unit for the whole family to use, meaning I'm gonna connect it to the routerand all the family computers would be able to connect to it. Also a minimum of 2TB.

I have a couple of questions and I would appreciate if you guys can help me:

1. First and foremost, regular ex. HDD or should I buy a flash one? I heard that they are supposed to be more reliable - nothing spinning etc.

2. Should it have its own power supply? As it going to be a Stand-Alone drive for all the family I want it to have its power supply - correct me if I'm wrong?

3. Speed of transfer? If this effects reliability I'd rather have a slow transferring - long living drive.

4. Any special specs. I need to know about? Buffer, RPM etc. or those don't really matter?
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  1. Great idea! Here are your answers:
    1. The cost of a 2TB SSD will be prohibitive - dont even know if they make them in such large capacities. Go with a SATA external storage disk. 2TB is fine.
    2. Yes, the external disk must have its own little power supply - small plug-in transformer.
    3. Hard disks are quite reliable these days. A 7200 RPM drive will be just fine.
    4. 32 MB buffer should be ok - already mentioned 7200 RPM

    One thing that I would strongly recommend is that the external storage have some sort of cooling fan. These devices do put out a lot of heat. I have Rosewill and works fine. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817173042&cm_re=rosewill_external_storage-_-17-173-042-_-Product
    Good luck!
  2. ^ +1 to Ubrales

    There are two ways to share a hard drive among many computers:

    1) Connect the drive to one of the computers and "share" it. If you do this, the computer that the drive is connected to must always be turned on.

    2) Connect the drive to your network (i.e., to your router as you described). In this case, the drive itself (and the router) must always be turned on but there's nothing else that always has to be on.

    If you want the latter, then do not buy any old drive in an external drive case. Most of these are designed to connect directly to a computer using USB, eSATA or FireWire. What you want is technically called a "NAS" device (Network Attached Storage) although not all consumer NAS devices actually use "NAS" in their name. Just make sure that what you buy is able to connect directly to the network.
  3. Thanks guys!

    About NAS, can you describe in a couple of lines how it works?
    Like generally, how it connects etc. basic.
  4. Hello,
    I have one more question,

    How do I make sure that I'm buying is "NAS capable" ?

    Thank you.
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