Fan Controller for gentle typhoons

Being an ultra noob, please help.

I need a fan controller capable of handling two 120x38 mm gentle typhoons without burning out. What sort of wattage per channel do you think I would need?

Looking at the 30 wattage per channel modals, there isn't much, and the one modal I like (lamptron fc-5 in black) is unavailable in the UK. Do I need so much, or could I get away with less (I like the sythe master but I'm worried the typhoons will burn it - like I say, I am a noob and unknowing!)

Any ideas very much appreciated.
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  1. Are you confusing Gentle Typhoons with something else? GTs are 120x25mm and even the 1850rpm model is rated as only needing 0.083 amps(~1 watt). Just about any fan controller on the market should be able to handle that. Only those crazy 4500+rpm Deltas and the like need anywhere near 30 watts of power.
  2. Really? I could have sworn they were x38mm. Hey ho. But good to know about the fan controller. Thanks.
  3. This will work for just about any fan 10 watts per channel, should be able to handle about 30 average fans.
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