Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro or Xigmateck HDT-S1283

Ok thanks guys i just ordered these specific parts from your guys help!!!

Intel E7200

Asus P5Q-Pro

XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Approvel&cm_mmc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel-_-Content-_-text-_-N82E16835233003

G-Skill 2GB Ram DDR2 800

Hitachi 250GB IDE Hard Drive

Sapphire 4850 512mb 256-bit Video Card

Windows XP Pro 32-bit

Antec Neopower 550W

Antec 300 Case

These are the things I just bought from newegg and in total with all combo's and rebates my final price will be $550!!!!

i was just wondering if I will be able to overclock with cooler because just at the last moment I went from the arctic cooling 7 pro to the xigmatek 120mm rifle. will i be able to overclock this processor with this system around 3.4Ghz - 3.6Ghz???

also my ambient room temp is like 16 degrees Celsius (61 degrees farenheit) so will this speed be possible with the lowest temps like around load under 45 degrees Celsius???

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  1. either heatsink should get you up there
  2. I currently use the AC Freezer 7 Pro, and my experiences with it are typical. Enough so that I am replacing it with the superior Noctua NU-U12P (google).

    The ACF7P is on an Opteron 185, a dual core 2.6GHz running at 2.8GHz. It is attached to the mobo by the three pin lead, so the mobo BIOS and other programs can monitor and control it.

    BIOS CPU temp is set at 55c, so that the fan revs higher when 55c is reached until it doesn't go any higher. I find it easy to get to 55c during prolonged gaming (22c-23c ambient). Thusly the fan spins to nearly 2K RPM and becomes audible, not loud, but audible and I don't like it compared to how it sounds at idle which is silent. Idle temps hover around 43c-46c with CnQ enabled.

    What I do like about the ACF7P is that it is compact and does the job 95% of the time silently, it's just that during load it gets noticeable and load doesn't always mean explosions or gunfire, load might mean quiet forest hunting in Oblivion or Dungeon Crawling where you need to listen.

    If that's important to you and you have an otherwise silent system, look for a better solution than the 92mm fan on the ACF7P.
  3. 1. Don't buy an IDE hard disk, get a SATA version instead.
    2. You should have bought Vista 64-bit, games look better in DX10.
    3. Buy 2 more GB of RAM when you can.
    4. Next time ask before you buy, rather than after.
    5. If you live at 16 degrees Celsius you won't need this PC for much longer. :(
  4. why wont i need this PC if i live at 16 degrees Celsius????? haha and yah i already had the hard drive so cant help it.
  5. Well, I'd die at that temperature. But yeah, on the bright side, low ambient temps help OCing.
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