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So Iv just built a new computer with a ASUS P6x58D motherboard. used my old power suply, and one old harddisk. when i start the computer i just get a message: no harddisk detected, and it cant find the new SSD in BIOS, but it can find the old. Iv tried switching the SSD to SATA 2(was originally in SATA 1) but still only the old harddisk is found in BIOS. Iv tried updating BIOS, but that didnt work, and Iv tried switching from AHCI to IDE, cuz i read some place that it might work, but it didnt. and i have to find the new SSD in bios, since its the harddisk that im gonna install Windows 7 on. can any one help me? :o
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  1. So you get the no harddisk message only when you do not have the old one plugged in?
  2. no, got it too when i only had the new one plugged in.
  3. Is the old drive an IDE or SATA drive? If it is a sata drive, can you connect the new one using the exact same cables that the old drive works with? Also, is there any way of telling if your new drive is getting power, so that you can eliminate a faulty power connection from the mix?
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