Nvidia 8800GT or 9800GT or 9800GT+?

I use Linux besides Windows so I would like an Nvidia card. I am upgrading from a 7950GT that I might put in a 2nd build. So, I'm looking at: Nvidia 8800GT or 9800GT or 9800GT+

I want it to run fairly cool for the particular card.

1) Is there any with a decent reference/built-in cooler or do I have to buy an aftermarket cooler? If so, which one?

2) Which model # and brand? 8800GT or?
I see BFG ones that are often cheapest or on sale. Can they run at decent temps? I don''t need the best specs, just a decent card for the price and I want it to run cool whether it does with the stock cooler or an aftermarket one.

3) What price should I look for? I didn't want to spend more than $200 or if so, that's the limit before tax.

Any candidates?
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&Description=9800gt&bop=And&Order=REVIEWS

    do you live in the US?
    any of these are good and they're all way below $200

    lots of them have free shipping and in some states you don't even have to pay tax (like in New York)
  2. well, i HIGHLY doubt you will see any 55nm 9800GT's advertised as "+" or anything that distinguishes them from the original 65nm 9800GT's, as that would mean nvidia admitting the original 9800GT's were simply rebadged 8800GT's.

    Get the cheapest dual slot and oc the hell out of it. 55nm's should run cooler and therefore oc more but you never know...

    btw, i saw 8800GT's for like under $100 at tigerdirect a MONTH ago... so if you had an nForce mobo you could get two of em! btw, two 8800GT's beat a gtx 280 so im talking about some serious performance here..
  3. From jamesl's link;

    This looks to be in your price range. I bought one, and am very happy. Runs @ 44 idle. Never seen it above 60. There's a couple of others there with similar beefier looking cooling solutions. I would look into that.

    Watch your power supply. Mine took 2 PCIE connections.
  4. Definately get a model with the dual-slot cooler, the single-slot 8800GT were notorious for running very hot. Also keep in mind that the 9800GT is the 8800GT with a new sticker and, in limited cases a tri-SLi connector.
  5. My PSU is the Corsair HX520W. That's enough, isn't it? I won't be using SLI. Well, not for a while. By that time, I' might use some of the old hardware in a 2nd build.

    For now, I'm wondering about 1 PCI-e Nvidia card. I made an error in the title. It should read '9800GTX+' NOT '9800GT+.' I am wondering if the 9800GTX+ runs cooler than the other 8800 and 9800 series cards. Because of the 55nm architecture, I thought. But, I really don't know. I was hoping someone does.

    Could you list some cards with the dual-slot cooler? Not all of them have that, right?

    Also, I cannot order from the American newegg site. I'd have to use the Canadian branch. The prices are not as good either. I'll probably buy locally for that reason. Thanks anyway, though.
  6. i would go with the 9800GTX or 9800GTX+ because an 8800gt or 9800gt is very little, if any of an upgrade over a 7950 series card.
  7. also the GTX/GTX+ are all mostly dual slot cards so they will run really cool. i own 2 and when i had them SLI the max temp i saw was 60C in crysis with 45% fan speed. go with the GTX/GTX+. look closely though, there is a GTX+ on newegg from EVGA that uses 1 pci-e power connector so if your psu has only one i would look at that card. i believe its a GTX+ from EVGA.
  8. 0mg_1ts_m3 said:
    i would go with the 9800GTX or 9800GTX+ because an 8800gt or 9800gt is very little, if any of an upgrade over a 7950 series card.

    Your joking right? 88/9800GT can keep up with 8800GTX/Ultra untill you start hitting high res and AA. Its a huge upgrade from any 7xxx card (except possibly the 7900GX2)
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