Looking for some msi 790fx-gd70 overclocking bois settings

hi guys i have been overclocking my amd 965 be right now running at 3.978 and seems stable no shut offs when running burn in test but would like to see some msi 790fx-gd70 overclocking bois settings to see if i have my settings the way they should be or if i can get alittle more out of this useing others setting if anyone knows when i can find these setting it would be great been doing gogle searching and cant seem to find anything that really helpful thanks for the help
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  1. same here. could use help with bios settings.

    whats ur voltage at for 3.978
  2. cpu voltage is set at 1.400
  3. yah i got only 3.8 at 1.4....3.978 seems impressive.
  4. try upping your front bus speed to 210 and see how it works seems to help me out alot dont have to depend on the cpu multiplyer as much and to it ups the memory speed as well
  5. Hi Guys, i send you private messages for a good link for overclocking with our motherboard.
  6. just to give u an update did a few more things to the bios did some tweeks and now running stable at 4.2 ghz temps r nice not going over 51c at full load running some cpu benchmarks in loops been running them for a few hours and no shut offs or reset i dont run 95 prime after reading how it shortings the life of your cpu but allcores r being used at nearlly 100% and temps r still good and realy nice and stable
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    Well done! :)
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