Can someone help me adjust the voltage on my xfx radeon 4890?

Ok so here is the thing i am pretty sure I got one of those non-reference design 4890 cards from xfx as I can see no way to adjust the voltage on this thing to get a stable overclock. The max overclock I can get is 915mhz core up from 850mhz core which just plain sux. I mean even at stock clocks this card is an absolute monster but I wanna go higher just because I know the card is capable of reaching much higher clocks than what I can get. I seem to be getting better clocks than alot of peeps I see on the net with this same non-reference design but thats not good enough for me. Anyways I have read of so many people of doing soft and hard mods to adjust the voltage on these cards but I cannot find even one source telling me exactly how the heck to do it. I hear some saying you can flash the bios to asus bios but can't find anything telling me exactly how to do this. Does flashing to ASUS bios work? If so can someone tell me how they did it? I have been searching high and low for ways to do this for weeks and I come up with nothing. I would think someone somewhere out there has achieved a way to adjust the darn voltage on these cards. I figured I would come to these forums for some intelligent answers. If possible I would like to achieve this without having to take my card apart but if I have to so be it. I know alot of people have asked this question but if someone can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. haveing the same problem tryed msi afterburner and the voltage increaser is grey out nothing shows up in revatuner for overclocking and amd gpu tool says i dont have a ati card lol so if u find out anything let me know lol
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