How do I install a Sata disc on a Dell Optiplex gx280

I'm an incredible computer novice , so I'm hoping someone here has the
patience to help me out.

(P.S. I've spent the last 4 hours researching my problem on the Dell website and tried joining their forums but for whatever reasons I can't
sign in there)


I recently purchased a used computer off ebay without a HDD.
I then purchased a HDD (SATA WD320 GB) the next day as the HDD
I was going to put in it was a IDE drive...and I've ONLY ever used IDE)

My problem is , I've put the drive in...started it up with the Windows (SP2)
disc in the drive the Windows Installation starts up, goes through the
process just fine...and "looks" like it installs Windows.
Then when it restarts I get the following error message.

(Note, this is on the start up screen ...completely black background w-white

Dell System OptiPlex GX280 Series
BIOS version A04

Drive 1 not found : Serial ATA, SATA-2
Drive 2 not found: Parallel ATA, PATA-1 (PRI IDE Slave)
Strike the F1 Key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility


I've never had problems using this same install disc on my IDE HDD's so
this is very new to me. I read on another site that would need
SATA controller drivers......

I have no idea how to locate this...I know it's an Intel P4 3.20Ghz
How do I figure out my motherboard ? Since windows doesn't load up
(but apparently got installed) IF I download the "chipset" drivers from
the dell site onto a floppy drive ......will I be able to run that ? or are those
drivers only able to run on a windows OS ?

Like I said I'm not really great with the terminology when it comes to this
type of patience and answers are GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. Can anyone help me out ? I would love to get this thing up and running
    so I can give my g/f the laptop back.

    Plus , it's my birthday and I was hoping to get this running by now :(
  2. Ok, so I figured it out.

    There was a bios configuration error. Once I corrected those, I was able to get
    windows installed.

    Thanks for no help everyone :)
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