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I've just built a new pc with an Intel E8500 CPU, however when i turn it on i keep getting beeping sounds telling me the cpu temperature is at 60oC, is this normal, what can i do to cool it down?

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  1. You get 60c at idle? I would re-seat your heat sink to make sure its on right and put some thermal compound on there if you didn't. 60c on a stock e8500 is NOT normal, especially when idling. I get 60c when I'm stress testing at 100% load after 30 minutes at 4.0ghz 1.38v with just an arctic 7 pro on an e8400.
  2. i have an e8500 too. i have a higher clock setting Raidur and the same voltage. i normaly have trouble running higher than 55C at max load.
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