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I think my 6600GT has recently died, when I play wow I rarely get above 5 fps, on minimum settings. Im looking for a good but cheap graphics card from this website which will give me 30+ FPS in a situation where alot is taking place. I prefer Nvidia to ATI because my current drivers are Nvidia. Im looking for one around the price range of £50, pci-e.

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  1. Can you give the rest of your system (CPU/motherboard/ram/power supply)?
    Doesn't matter about the drivers because you will definately need to install newer ones.
  2. Motherboard: GA-EP35-DS3L
    CPU: Intel extreme edition 840 @3.2ghz
    RAM: Corsair XM2X512-5400C4 (2x512), 4-4-4-12
    PSU: Tagan 500w
  3. I am assuming your 50 dollars is close enough to american money. So Here Are 2 options.



    the first if you want to spend a little less and the second if you want to spend a little more Or if they even have em at that website.
  4. /facepalm

    Thats not a dollar sign anarchy, its a pounds sign, which means hes in England, which means he cant use newegg. seems to be the best deal in that range on your site. Is that the only place your willing to shop, the selection seems a litttle limited to me. There are fourm members from GB, hopefully they will chip in, but if your dead set on microdirect, thats the best deal (IMO) in the 50 pound range.
  5. This is not the only site im willing to buy from.

    Alot of people recommended the 8600GT to me, what do you guys think of this one?
  6. Personally, i hated my 8600. Got constant FPS loss in areas and it seemed to kill some areas that used to be beautiful with my ATi card :S

    I wouldn't go with the 8600
  7. Nah, that's not an overall issue, it was just you.

    The 8600GT is a great improvement for your purposes.

    But I have to say that since WoWs graphics ain't that good, it uses memory instead. And since you only have 1 GB, your memory will bottleneck your videocards max FPS.

    If you buy a 8600GT, that will be fine, but don't go any better without buying more RAM.
  8. Personally, I would recommend at least a 9800 or ATI equivalent. WoTLK has really stepped up some of the graphics demand...especially when it comes to the new shadows in the game. I know that the 9800 exceeds the price limit you wanted to stick to, but it is not a bad thing to consider.
  9. A 4670 will be a great improvement.
    8600GTS > 8600GT. Even the latter should handle WoW though.
  10. +1 jtt283
  11. The 4670 is better than the 8600/9500GT.
  12. I vote 4670
  13. +1 on the 4670
  14. + 1 for 4670 or if on a tight budget 9600GT( seen them for as low as $60, new)
  15. I`d go for the HIS IceQ from Microdirect
  16. Also, I noticed that its pci-e 2.0, will this work with my motherboard? The gigabyte EP35-DS3L any my processor, intel 840 extreme edition.
  17. Sapphire are one of the largest, if not the largest ATI(AMD) card makers ( my HD4870 is one of theirs), so, no worries, just check the postage prices before you buy, delivery charges can be quite steep from some places.
    I`d still go for the IceQ, though:)
  18. And yes, they will work with your motherboard perfectly well.
  19. And itll run with my processor too, right? even tho its intel
  20. those 2 are really close,794.html?prod[2067]=on&prod[2254]=on

    by that comparison chart the 9600gt would technically do better
  21. Sorry, been away playing X3;)
    @pichu, Yes, it`ll run fine with an Intel CPU.
    @pichu; Yes, the 9600 is faster, but I doubt you`ll see any difference. Besides, the 4670 uses less power and is better with AA enabled.
    I`d set aside the price difference for a memory upgrade, 1 Gb is not really enough for gaming these days and it`s just stupidly cheap...thus;
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