[PSU] Does it sound like my PSU is failing?

Ok, so about a week or so ago my computer has started to go in and out during the boot process. When I say go in and out I am talking about the monitor, It has signal, then it doesn't, then it does, then it doesn't. Once I would get into Vista though everything seemed to be fine.

I thought that my 4870 HD was going bad but I borrowed a 260 from a friend of mine and when I installed it, It booted up and worked. I turned the computer off to go to sleep and now when it turns on the screen shows the boot process up to the point where the vista bar that would show the OS loading is supposed to appear.

At this point in the process, the signal to the monitor is lost. I know the computer is working because If I listen to the speakers I can tell when I am at the login screen and then I can login and you can hear skype and stuff starting up.

A related issue, when I tried to turn on the computer with my 4870 the screen would flash from a black to a lit up black screen (black on a lcd is bright) with a corner that had remnants of the vista start up bar. It looks torn though and is only a small portion of hte bottom left corner that has this artifact image.

The monitor would flicker between black and the artifact image forever.

The computer has performed perfectly for the past 3 months I have had it, just started with these problem now.

PSU Antec 550w

my mobo is Intel DX38BT

CPU is C2D E8400
Ram is Mushkin DDR3

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Aonxe said:

    I thought that my 4870 HD was going bad but I borrowed a 260 from a friend of mine and when I installed it, It booted up and worked.

    Doesn't this prove it's the video card?
  2. theAnimal said:
    Doesn't this prove it's the video card?

    The rest of the paragraph says it only worked for a day. Now its doing the same thing, not displaying anything on the monitor.
  3. yep video card, and if anything happens on monitor then it's not PSU fault because monitor is powered by plug to wall not to PSU.
  4. Ok, I just swapped out monitors and nothing showed up on my old monitor but when I pulgged my 22" back in it showed the desktop.

    Now I am getting the desktop with random flashes of black screens then it comes back to the desktop. The first 2 flashes had big gray stripes going up and down the black screen.

    I guess I will just wait until my 4870's RMA gets finished. If that doesn't fix it then I'm just gonna RMA the whole system except the harddrive. lol
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