AMD 9950BE fails to overclock

Before I start, at the end of another thread in General Discussions, Requiemsallure said: "your multiplier probably doesnt go higher than 13, because it is probably locked are you sure it is a black edition? you will have to raise the FSB frequency if it is not a BE, and also raise the bclk as well. watch your temps."

It's a Black Edition for sure. As for temps, I don't know who to trust. My BIOS says the CPU is 10 degrees Celsius hotter than CoreTemp does.

My config is in my sig. I have gone into the Cell Menu in BIOS and raised the CPU multiplier from "auto" to "14.5X", which is supposed to set the frequency at 2900. CPUZ reports 13X and 2600. CoreTemp reports basically the same. But SiSoftware Sandra says under Hardware/Processors/Processor/Speed 2.9GHz and under Multiplier 26/2x.

I've run a couple of Sandra benchmarks, and I'm not seeing a big difference. My temps haven't changed from stock, either, even with CoreDamage.

I'm lost.
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  1. whats the fsb speeds at the 14.5x? if they are at 200 and you have set the bios multiplier to 14.5 you should be getting 2900. have you tried amd overdrive to see if you can change the multiplier in there. if you cant then for some reason your be is not allowing you to change the multiplier i would maybe call amd and see why your be is not doing what you paid the extra money to do. until then if the multiplier does not work all you really can do is increase the fsb and keep the multiplier the same. also try increasing the multiplier just .5 at a time and see if you get any changes at all.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I left it at 200. I'm at 2.66 for the RAM ratio to make my memory run at 1066. I'll look at AMD overdrive, but I don't trust overdrive software on general principles, and in the end I want to do it in BIOS and leave it. What's puzzling is the differences in the reported frequency. If I go into BIOS and look at system info, I see 2900, too. My guess is that the 2900 reports are telling me what I have things set for, and the 2600 ones are telling me what is actually happening, but I don't know.
  3. I tried AMD Overdrive, but I don't have an AMI mobo, so it won't run. The MSI K9N2 Diamond has the nVidia 980/780a chipset.
  4. at this point im not sure what else to tell you hopefully someone who knows more might be able to inform you. sorry i would still try to see if you can call amd and find out why your multiplier wont work
  5. Thanks for trying. Any input is welcome. Your suggestions have me thinking that the Black Edition is not compatible with my mobo or maybe my BIOS. I'm going to post at MSI and AMD later. I'll let you know what I find out.
  6. Dissable Cool and Quiet. I would trust what CPU-Z reports. Anyway, it could be that it's not posting with a 14.5 multiplier and thus reverting back to 13x. Try it at 13.5 first.
  7. ya on my cpu-z it always says my voltage is at 1.104 no matter what i really have so megaman has a valid point it might be a mixture of two porblems cpuz lying and the cpu not liking the 14.5 multiplier
  8. megamanx00 said:
    Dissable Cool and Quiet. I would trust what CPU-Z reports. Anyway, it could be that it's not posting with a 14.5 multiplier and thus reverting back to 13x. Try it at 13.5 first.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    I've had Cool and Quiet off all along. My present CPU fan can't be controlled anyway. I did start with it at 13.5, but I bumped it to 14.5 to see whether I couldn't get a temperature rise or an improvement in benchmarks that would tell me something was happening. The multiplier stays where I put it between times I enter BIOS to look at it.

    I'm getting that feeling I always get right before I find out how stupid I was not to see the problem right away, so I think we might be close.
  9. well let me know what you find out what might be happening is your bios oc does not take and before you even get to the post page the computer crashes and reverts to last setting so that might be what is happening im not sure but taht could also be happening
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