"Epox 8KHA+ hardware malfunction'''

Call your vendor for support"
I love this board & haven't had any problems with it before I upgraded to XP Pro. The same devices are DVD drive, Maxtor 40GB HD, nVidia 64MB DDR video adapter, and 512MB of PC2100 RAM. Have tried different devices, memory and reflashed to the latest bIOS but still get the blue screen intermittently. Any ideas? Thanks...Monty
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  1. have you tried reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling windows?
  2. kyeana said:
    have you tried reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling windows?
    "Epox 8KHA+ hardware malfunction''
    Yes, did a delete partition, create a new NTFS partition and a complete reinstall of XP Pro. I have read some previous threads and apparently there is a compatibility issue with the Athlon XP and this motherboard that was never resolved. Works fine with Win98SE. All components ran fine with Win98SE. Tried completely different peripherals and memory.
    It's a shame too...it was my son's old gaming computer that worked good for a long time and performed well.
  3. Im not sure if this still exists or not, but i have ran into similar issues when loading xp on a partition. Perhaps that could also attribute to it.
  4. Ah good ol 8kHA+. I didn't have any problems with it when using XP Pro SP1, just with the original XP Pro. Of course that same board failed when I tried to use a Radeon 8500 in it back in the day, but yeah those darn boards couldn't handel certain graphics cards so I had to switch to my old MSI KT3Ultra2. Anyway.......

    Make sure you're using at least SP1. I could barely get the 8KHA+ to boot without it. If you somehow have an old disk that is the original release of XP then look into how to split stream SP2 or 3. Also make sure to run a full two passes of memtest as XP uses more RAM than any win 9x version so it could just be that you have a bad bit of RAM somewhere.
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