Thinking about a vintage gaming build....

I've been hankering to play some of the older games of my childhood from the 90s, I have a vista x64 machine right now so it's just not cutting it when I want to have that good feeling of nostalgia from way back in the day

I'm looking for information on either how to get these games to work right on my current build or information on getting some older components to build a proper late 90s gaming machine

all help is appriciated
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  1. I forgot to mention, games to play would be things like

    midtown madness 1 & 2
    deus ex
    the theif series

    so it be about 10 years old maximum I would think

    I know ati is better than nvidia with older games, I'm wondering how new my components could be
  2. I say use VM ware or something, and virtualize an image of windows 98. Play your games from there. If you're going to go out and build a windows 98 machine be especially mindful of the motherboard and any issues it may have. You can find some decent parts on ebay. I say go with an old Athlon system, maybee with a KT266A or KT333 chipset, and a Geforce 3/4. Don't put a Radeon into a Via chipset board without checking the manufacturer website first since the early radeon have all sorts of problems with damaging the AGP slot without a proper BIOS update. Has something to do with the Radeon trying to draw the maximum amount of power from the AGP slot, and some motherboard makers and chipset makers thinking such a thing would never happen :D.
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