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okay sorry if there is a post somewhere about this, I couldnt find anything. I was wondering if there is a product that you can buy that will keep some fans on in your pc after the power is off. I see a lot of people posting about their fans staying on afterward as a problem, but I want something that will keep them on for a few minutes to exhaust the hot air.

I have a core 2 duo e8400, a 9800gtx, and an ocz evostream 720watt psu. I have seen something for this purpose years ago and can no longer find it. would it be possible past case fans to keep the power supply, and video card fans on after shutdown as well?
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  1. when the power to your processor and memory is cut, the built in passive heat sinks on your motherboard and HSF take care of this quickly. there is no need to continue airflow.

    back in the day (486), your processor didnt even need a fan on it because passive heat sinks were enough while the computer was on.
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