I7 @ 3.1 too hot

All I have adjusted is BCLK to 151 and my max temps at max load per core are 75*C, 72*C, 70*C and 70*C. I have looked around and that seems too high for what I am at. I am looking get past 3.1 so I am trying to figure out why my temps are so high. I am using Prime95 and Real Temp3.40

My system includes i7 920, gigabyte x58a-ud3r, coolmaster hyper212 plus, corsair 650w, ocz 1600 gold(6gb) and an antec 900 case(all fans at high speed).

This is my first build in a while and I wasn't sure if I could be seeing higher temps because of a poor job installing the cpu cooler.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. PTM31 said:
    hyper212 plus

    Not really made for handling the heat output of an OCed i7, may think of upgrading if you want to push it.
  2. What is my best bet a coolmaster v-8 or something else?
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