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Hi, I am looking into building a home server/media center combo pc, I have it mostly specd out, I will be using a micro ATX 890gx (likely MSI's 890GXM G65), athlon II x2 255 (underclocked to save energy), crucial ram, and it will all be going into an Antec mini P180.

The only thing I have not decided on is a raid controller. I would like something with 5 ports ideally as I want to make my main array out of 2.5" drives, and I figure to get a good amount of storage I will need at least that many drives.

I would really like the photofast EVO2 (

or the Lian-Li IB-01 (also shown there, newegg had that one for awhile but they took it off of their website recently).

However, I cannot find the photofast card anywhere (would be my ideal solution) and now that newegg took lian li's card off I cannot find that one either.

So I guess my question is, does anyone know where I can get a pci express based card that will do 5 sata ports in raid 5 mode. Or if anyone knows where I could find a photofast EVO2 that would really be ideal.

I would prefer to avoid this card on newegg due to the bad reviews also.

Thanks for your help
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  1. Why not just use your motherboards SATA ports? Why would you want a (fake)RAID solution?
  2. The 890GX board I am looking at has 5 internal sata ports, I need 1 for my system HDD, 1 for my external HDD dock, and 1 for the eSata on the case, leaving me with only 2. Which is why a simple PM with hardware raid (such as the photofast card) would be fine, but I do not have enough to connect all directly to the MB.
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