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my computer keeps freezing when i do something graphics intensive like playing bioshock II. i have a amd athlon 64 X2 processor 4600+, my graphics card is geforce gtx 260, i have an ocz 700watt PSU, and and m2N sli delux motherboard.

Will overclocking fix my freezing issue and how do i do that. step my step ive never done it. thanks mike
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  1. might be time to invest in a new cpu/mobo is what im thinking you can try to overclock it but imo trying to run bioshock 2 on that setup is going to be forcing it. the graphs card should run the game so that should not be too much of a worry if you need help trying to overclock the cpu let me know ill try to walk you threw it as much as possible. you might also want to see what kind of temps your graphics card and cpu are reaching if the case they are in is poorly ventilated you might have a problem with that too. check everything out and let me know what is going on
  2. thanks i ended up overclocking the cpu using the bios i changed the multiplier from 9 tp ten i also installed another fan in the case just in case. the temperatures i was getting off cpu and the graphics card are good. It seems that overclocking the cpu has fixed the problem. but just to be safe i might upgrade to a better cpu. can you recomend one that would work really well with a gtx 260 graphics card? thanks
  3. @mattidallama, I had an Athlon 64 X2 4200+ with an HD 3870 and Bioshock ran without a hitch on high details @ 1280x1024.

    @divertech, overclocking won't necessarily help a PC that is locking up. That is a sign of something else going on.

    Any of the new CPUs (intel or amd) would work fine. The AMD Phenom II's are better for gaming than the Athlon IIs. Plus, AMDs are cheaper and can still run the latest games without a hitch.
  4. thanks i will peobably look into buying an updated cpu, should i also get another motherboard to or i the one i have good enough to work with one of those phenom II processor and a nvidia gtx 260 graphics card
  5. You will have to get another motherboard. What you have is a socket 939 motherboard. A phenom II is an AM3 socket chip. Also, you're probably running DDR memory. With an AM3 socket, you have to run DDR3 memory.
  6. not all phenom II are am3 the 940 is a am2+ and not all phenom II are ddr3 the 940 is ddr2
  7. sweet thanks for all the help i will look into it and do some additional research. thanks again.
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