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okay, i am looking into building a small home server for myself. most of its use will be for backups for files, and using it as a dedicated server for LAN parties. i would like it to be about 750gb to 1tb of storage, but that depends on the price of drives. other than that, i have never built a home server before, so i would appreciate some info for the other specs(proc, mobo, ram, ect...). oh, and power consumption is a BIG issue on this, since it will be running probably all the time at my house, i don't want to be wasting a bunch of power, also im on a sorta tight budget($500) but i don't know how much a server like this would cost, so i can be flexible. thanks guys :)
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  1. You can possibly go with a cheap amd setup and be able to still have that amount of storage. I'm not into servers yet, so I really don't know how to setup all that stuff and what is good etc.
  2. I've setup a home server myself, using a E6320.
    Board - look for Gigabyte as they are solid boards.
    RAM - 4GB
    any crappy VGA will do. As for the PSU a 350 - 420 should suit you fine - I recommend Corsair PSU.
    Depending on how you want your network... I recommend getting MS home server.
  3. bump again, can anyone give me some more info, or personal experience?
  4. I'm really interested in setting up a home server so any personal experience or information would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I tried to repurpose one my my systems to run Windows Server 2003. System Specs are:

    ASUS A8N-VM Motherboard
    AMD X2-3800+ (s939) CPU
    2x1GB DDR-333 RAM
    120GB Hard Drive

    I managed to get Server 2003 installed, but I would not connect to the internet, nor could it see any other systems on my network. I tried finding network drivers on the ASUS web site, but found none for that motherboard/OS.

    It's definitely not a hardware issue, as after that failure, I re-installed and updated XP on the system without issue.

    So now, I'm stuck trying to find a new motherboard that will accept a mainstream processor (Core2Quad or Phenom) as well as a Windows Server OS (going to try Server 2008 & Hyper-V next) and has all applicable drivers.

    @ ZeCow - I have another system with a Gigabyte motherboard that supports Windows Server 2003, but I didn't want to repurpose that machine. I'll take another look at Gigabyte boards.

    -Wolf sends
  6. okay, has anyone built a home server recently? like with up to date parts?
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