Which Graphic Card is better for gaming?

I don't know much about the details.,.
but I have both "Radeon X1950 Pro" and "MSI NX6600LE-TD256E"

Motherboard : P45 Neo3-FR
Ram : 2x Kingston 2GB 667Mhz DDr2
CPU : Pentium 4 (2x logical CPU) @ 3.00Ghz

dunno the other details.,. but I think just the above is enough to figure out which card is better... I hope.,.

I can't afford to buy any card.,. they just give their old ones to me ^_^

PLS!! tell me Which Card is beter!! T~T Radeon is showing off it's pixel shader and MSI is showing off it's Bandwidth of 8mbps .,. I don't know the details!! PLS HELP ME!! Thanks!!!
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  1. The 1950 Pro, by a long way.
  2. yeh the x1950 i think was like 7950 gt for nvidia
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