3 260s? 1 4870x2? 2 280s? 3 280s? 2 4870x2s?

I want to know how 3 260s compare against the rest of the field? I was first looking at a 280 then I decided to move over to a 4870x2 but now I am wondering if that is even a good choice?
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  1. Buy a single card.

    Then buy a new one in tow years.

  2. I would choose 3 260s over either of those for power in the games i play. If you want future expandability and can add an extra card soon then go with the 280 or 4870x2.
  3. well a new card probably wont come into play until july or so of next year.

    Ok here are the three setups right now I am considering -

    gigabyte x58 mobo
    core i7 920
    antec 1200 case
    and a thermaltake 1200 watt psu
    and the following vid cards - 4870x2, gtx 280, or 2 gtx 260s

    Newegg has various combo deals with these components

    The ATI setup is about 1429.95 after Mail in rebates
    The 280 setup is 1339.96 after mail in rebates
    the 260 setup is 1424.94 after mail in rebates (2 cards)

    What do you guys think?
  4. LOL, three GTX 260 cards would need liquid cooling, or the whole thing will melt.

    They'd also need a 1200W PSU. (Recommended PSUs here:

    What kind of games do you play? What's your screen resolution?

    Edit: I hadn't seen your post above. OK, good PSU choice.

    GTX 260 *2 will beat a single HD 4870 X2. If you do get those, make sure you get two rebates and not just one.
  5. I have 3 280 GTXs with 1000 watt PSU, mb temp stays at 35 degrees, CPU 28 idle, video cards 57-65 load.

    3 280 GTX > 4870 X2 Quad > 3 260 GTX > 280 GTX sli > 260 GTX sli ~ 4870 X2 etc.

    the 4870 X2 Quad and 280 GTX tri exchange here and there in some games but lately they've been won by the 280 GTXs.

    I'd go for the 260 GTXs since they are soo cheap atm, unless your an enthusiast, then go with the 4870s or the 280s.

    but I think 2 260 GTXs would do you well.
  6. so 2 260gtxs are about the same as 1 4870x2? And the price of 1 4870x2 will definitely drop over the next 6 months so picking up 1 more in july would be pretty cheap and that would yield better performance than 3 260s.

    and i doubt i would ever get 3 280s (could use that to pick up a really nice monitor)

    so now all I need to do is figure out which motherboard to get - The Gigabyte UD5 or the MSI Eclipse. Or any other mobo if someone here has a suggestion.
  7. Remember nvidia is supposed to be releasing there 270 gx2 and 290 out soon. It might be worth looking at what 2 270gx2 cards could do.

    There have been some big driver issues with the 9800gx2 but in many cases 2 of them are still a pretty strong graphics solution.


    I still think that above 2 highend cards you your paying alot for not much. Good luck
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