Problem with Xigmatek Mounting bracket

So after my mobo died i bought another one. While stripping the mobo of the Xigmatek mounting bracket on the back i found some difficulty. With alot of time i was able to remove the bracket, which was secured with foamy tape around the middle, with out damaging my mobo. Unfortunately all the foamy tape came off the middle and is non salvageable.

There is bare metal in the middle where the little bit of foam was before, my question is if i can still safely mount the bracket on my new mobo with out it damaging it / causing a short.

There is still the base plastic covering most of it, but the very middle is now devoid of the foam where the sticky stuff was.

Ty very much!
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  1. never use the sticky crap ever!

    i only do on very rare occasions for water cooling

    its fine install the mobo with out it
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