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I recently got a 4850 and was looking at the clock rates... tuned them up a little and got to 675(700 max) for the GPU and 1150 (1200 max) for memory.... then i went to newegg and noticed 4850's for sale had a lower core clock (625) but the memory clock was almost double mine (2000)..... am i missing something?
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  1. +1 what stranger said
  2. At 1150, you have an effective memory clock of 2300MHz. It's double data rate, so there are actually 2 transfers per clock cycle.
  3. ok, thank you :)
  4. wow, 1150 on the memory. mine just failed at 1113. hmmm. :( idk what i will need to do
  5. not trying to make you feel worse, but the auto tune got it up to 1185 i think and i actually brought it down, same with the core... its the stock cooling system but does not seem that it created a lot more heat
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