CM690 Vs Antec 900 Vs Thermaltake V9

which one is better to buy ?
CM690 Vs Antec 900 Vs Thermaltake V9
for me cooling is in the 1 then price.
do u have same case ?what is your idle system temp ?
imagine they have full with fan for E.G Coolermaster 690 have 3 installed an 4 optional u imagine having all of them like 7 fan in case then which one is most cooler ?
how it look likes doesnt matter because sb say this case is really cool becasue of red or blue light ...LOL
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  1. i'm in the same position like you ...
    exept that i have antec p182 as one of the options....

    i think i'll go for the antec 900 because i was attracted by the possibility to slow down the fans easy fron the back of the case..
    during the winter i dont need all those fans in maximum power...
    i live in Greece .. here we have very warm summer and i think antec 900 is the one for me...

    p.s. i cant stand the noise all the year long...
    p.s. p182 is handeling better the noise but it is a bit expensive ... here they sell it 190 euro.. isnsted of antec 900 that has 115 euros..

    if the buget of my system goes up i'll go for the antec P182...
    but until then i'll stay with antec 900
  2. The Antec 900 is the most popular of the three cases that were mentioned. The gamers like that case.
  3. The Cooler Master 690 with all fan slots filled will cool better than all the others. It will cool pretty well out of the box, but will give you the option to add more fans later too. It also looks by far the best in my eyes.
  4. Thermaltake V9 - ze best!! :love:

    I use it
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