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I want to have a raid setup, and i am going to need raid card. My motherboard does not have raid option. I preter to have raid 1,0, and 5. I will use 4 - 5 hard disks in two raid setups. Can you recommend me a good raid card? My budget is up to 100$.

Thank you.
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  1. You didn't tell us what motherboard you have. Are you looking for a PCI, PCIe or PCI-X RAID controller? Unless you buy a used controller, a good RAID controller that supports more than 4 disks (controllers usually support 2, 4 or 8 disks) for $100 will be difficult.
  2. Sorry for the confusion. I can use pci or pci e or pci x card. 4-disk set up is fine. that is for sata 2 hds. Thank you for your thoughts.
  3. Check what's available on, read the reviews and then provide a short list of controllers that you believe meet your requirements. I wouldn't use PCI if PCIe and PCI-X are available on your motherboard (which obviously is a server or workstation motherboard). Again if we knew what motherboard you have, then it would be easier to help you.
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