Help me out on making a new comp? approx $800 budget

I'm looking to buy a new computer for under $800 before shipping. Here's what I plan on getting:
Let me know what you think should be replaced. My default plan is to go ATI & Intel, but we'll see how things work out. Also, I'll be getting a PSU between 650 and 850 Watts too, so don't ask me where it is and stuff, that price is separate from this.

NOTE: I already have a chosen DVD burner and Hard Drive so those items will not be included in this list.
NOTE: I don't think I'll be making this purchase until somewhere around(later than) black Friday, so prices of things are sure to change by then.

Oh, I guess this is pretty important as well....I'll be using the computer for gaming(not chronic or anything), video editing, photoshop, etc. Will be running Vista Ultimate x64 possible dual boot with XP x64.

Antec 1200
ATI: HD4850 512mb
nVidia: 9800GTX 512mb
Intel: Q6600
AMD: AM2+ Quad core 9950
Intel: Gigabyte EP45, 16gig max RAM, DDR2 1333 standard
AMD: Gigabyte MA790X 16gig max RAM, DDR2 1066 standard
8 gigs(4x2gigs) DDR2 800
ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED 110mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler


Here's the case I plan on getting:
Graphics Card:
Processor & Motherboard:
Intel: &
AMD: &
CPU Fan:
Memory/RAM: x2
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  1. Ohhh.. please... dont give links... you'd get a better response by putting down the details. Most of us here don't need to check what the components are. Just the name/make/model and its already fine.
    Sorry - but I couldnt be bothered opening up 10 pages just to check on your options.
  2. Okay, thanks for the advice. I'll put the specs above the link section.
  3. :( i still have to open a link for your mainboard >:(
    1. Why would you need to dual boot vista64 and xp64? vista64 is much more stable than xp64. If its about gaming, you can game with vista64.
    2. a 650 is more than enough for this rig - you wouldn't be using more than 400 watts!!

    Ok... well I'll go with the Q6600 OC'ed to 3.2 or 3.6 or the Q9450 OC it to 3-3.2, and the GPU will be the 4850 - I assume you will be gaming at 1680x1050 or less? If so the 4850 is the best bang for the buck
    For the fan, get either the Xigmatek, Tuniq, or TRUE they are much better.
  4. Sorry bout the mobo link. I fixed it now but I guess it's pointless for you since you probably won't need to look again.

    1. I have no idea. I currently do game with Vista x64. Using 7800gt, 5800+ dual core processor, 2 gigs of RAM. Pretty decent, but clearly could be a lot better. My comp runs games slightly better on XP than it does with Vista, that's why I said I may dual boot.

    2. I don't plan on upgrading my PSU for a while so I want to make sure it'll be good in the future.

    I have a CRT monitor and I game at 1600x1200 right now. Which of those CPU fans do you think is best? My friend's running a E8500 idle at about 27C with that Zalman cooler. I don't think vcore or fsb or anything is overclocked doesn't really say much. He also has an antec 900 so it's expected to be cool anyway.

    Thanks for your prompt replies and help. I still seek more replies though. Even though my plan was to go Intel/ATI anyway.
  5. The reason why XP is running faster than Vista on your current machine is due to the RAM limitation. 2gigs is bare minimum for Vista. Stick to Vista, you will have enough ram on the new build to have Vista run smoothly.
  6. honestly I've done dual boot... its too hectic as some apps are on vista and some are on xp. Vista runs fine with a good rig - I'm sure as what Slomo4sho say does make a difference.

    Just be sure you have a solid quality PSU. Fans are of preference, I hear that the xigmatek is really good. ermm.. we don't look at idle temps lol... I'm watercooling mine and it idles at 17c... at load it goes to 36, cores are at 50c Its the load temps you have to be concerned.

    All in all, you got a fine set for a budget gaming PC.
  7. Is this the CPU fan you're talking about?

    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler
  8. That would be the one. You should also pick up the retention bracket for it. It'll allow you to securely fasten the cooler with screws instead of the cheesy push pins.
  9. Ah, yep. Already got it in my cart. I read reviews and saw people complain about mounting it so I figured that' why so many retention brackets for that product were sold.
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